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RDA Training Academy

Week 1



Rinns 1


Rinns 2


Week 4

Oral Hygiene Instruction

Week 5

Periodontal Chart
Practice Tooth Chart
PH Chart also week 4
Video on HIPAA
PH of Water.jpg
Week 6
Order of Procedure
Nitrous Oxide Sheet
Composite Setup
Composite setup1_edited.jpg
Informed Consent
Week 7
Nitrous Oxide Sheet
Consent Form
Order of Procedure
Root Canal Tray Setup
Week 8
Letter to DDS
List of Offices
Evaluation Form
Instrument Processing
Week 9
DA Rules
Chapter 114
Online CE Classes
Internship Sites
Week 10
Forcep Guide
Short Forcep Guide
Week 11
RDA Duties
Resume Sample 1
Resume Sample 2

RDA Training Academy is seeking students for testimonals. Online, on website and on youtube. If interested speak to Director.

HIPAA Training video (1)
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