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I highly recommend. If it wasn't for this training class, I would've been super lost. This field is very challenging, however with the help from Karen and Kiesha there was nothing to worry about. Low key I miss going to class. Jasmine.


I learned a ton in class that helped prepare me for my internship and working interviews! Karen is super supportive well beyond graduation, and will always help with finding an internship and a job. She regularly sends out job leads from dentists willing to hire and train fresh out of school which is super helpful and how I got my first job!


Ms. Karen and Ms. Kesiha have such a big hearts and want only the best for the students and I appreciate them so much I had the best time going to school here I met some very nice people. When I went into my internship I wasn’t blind sided at all, I felt like I completely knew exactly what to do. I truly am glad I went to this school. 100% recommend!


10/10 Would recommend. Karen is not only understanding and down to earth but really does care for her students and will help them in whatever way she can. Also, her classroom has grown so much since I first attended. From personal experience working at a dental office I can assure you that her classes are an actual representation of what a dental office is like and that the material you’re learning will go a long way. For anyone looking for a fast yet great career, dental assisting is for you, and the best program to attend would be here at RDA Training Academy.


Karen is very patient and understanding when it comes to teaching (a lot of hands on learning 😀). I highly recommend this school for anyone trying to get in the dental field.

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