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RDA Training Academy, Austin's Dental Assisting School is now enrolling for September and October classes. The school teaches future Dental Assistants "hands on" so when they graduate they already have experience doing the things they are required to do as a Dental Assistant.

The classes meet once a week for 8 hours each class. Half the class is lecture based and then the students apply that knowledge hands on in the dental office where the classes take place.

An 80 hour externship begins after the 10th week of class where the students work on actual patients under the supervision of a Dentist.

By the 12th week the Dental Assisting students have completed their education and are ready for employment.

They have a great reputation at RDA Training Academy and have dental offices calling, wanting to hire recent graduates of the school.

As they researched existing Dental Assistant education over the past year they found that many students couldn't get employment after graduation. "One of the most important duties a Dental Assistant has is taking x-rays and if they don't get that training and experience in class it makes it very difficult to get a job". Most Dentists want to see how the Dental Assistant works. Doing what is called a "working interview" allows the Dentist to see what the assistant is capable of."If they put on their resume that they are proficient at digital x-rays but can't take them worth a darn, well then, their not going to get the job".

They took all those things they found lacking in other schools and included them in the curriculum. "We want 100% of our students to succeed in getting the job they desire, because Dentistry is our passion".

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