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12 Week Dental Assisting Course
Our Hybrid class is taught online with twice a week lecture.and twice a week in dental office.
             Back to the Workforce Refresher Course

A 1/2 day refresher course for RDA's, RDH's and Dentist.


Dentrix and Eaglesoft Software: Learn hands on how to chart existing and proposed restorations, Perio Charting, Reappointing the patient, Treatment Planning, Setting up Auto Notes.

Radiographs: Learn hands on how to take radiographs with the x-ray sensor.

Rules and Laws of the Texas Dental Board: What’s changed, what you need to know for Dental Hygienists and Dental Assistants. Cost: $325.

If interested Fill Form out at bottom of page and we will contact you as soon as our next class is scheduled.


                        Just Dental Assisting

A 2 day refresher course for just  Dental Assistants. If you have been out of the workforce for a while and feel you need to brush up on your skills or if you have attended our Dental Assisting class in the past and never moved forward with your new career this is the class you want to take. Dates: To be determined.

Refresh yourself on impressions, model pouring, bleaching trays, x-rays using a sensor, Dentrix or/and Eaglesoft software.

Rules and laws of the Texas Dental Board, and order of procedures. Cost $525. Fill out form below and we will contact

you when the next class is scheduled.

                    Dental Assisting Class in Spanish

This class is our full 12 week Dental Assisting Class taught in Spanish. If Spanish is your first language it will be easier to learn a new skill in Spanish. Dates: To be determined. Cost $3200. Fill out form below and we will contact you when the next class is scheduled.

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