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RDA Training Academy


RDA: Registered Dental Assistant                             

Certified Dental Assistant,

Expanded Functions Dental Assistant.

What does all this mean?

Read more for clarification.


Registered Dental Assistant:

All Dental Assistants that take x-rays must be registered with the Texas State Dental Board. If you are just out of Dental Assisting School you will have 1 year to do this. Otherwise, you can work as a Dental Assistant but may not take x-rays.

Once you take our course you can go to work right away as a Dental Assistant, and take x-rays and will have 1 year to register with the Dental Board. We will guide you in this process.

Certified Dental Assistant:

To become a Certified Dental Assistant you will take certain classes required by DANB (Dental Assisting National Board) Once you become Certified you will need to take continuing education class to renew the certification. Certification is not required by Texas.

Expanded Functions:

For several years Texas offers expanded functions to Dental Assistants. These include Nitrous Oxide Certification, Sealant Certification and Polishing Certification. The Nitrous Oxide Certification remains and most dental offices will require you to get this certification ASAP once you are out of Dental Assisting School. We will guide you in this process. To polish or place Sealants you must have 2 years experience as a Dental Assistant and take an 8 hour class for both polishing and sealants.

The rule states that if an assistant polishes, it cannot be billed out as a prophy.​  You will learn more about the rules and laws in our Dental Assisting class.

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