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RDA Training Academy

     School for Dental Assisting

Are you a dental office looking to be a host office for our interns? Or perhaps you are wanting to start your very own Dental Assistant School.

RDA Training Academy has a new hybrid program enabeling the student to start working in a dental office much sooner. This is how it works: The student attends lecture online twice a week. Starting on the 4th or 5th week of class they start working in a dental office twice a week.

The dental office and school work together in training the student. The dental office does not pay the student during this time. The student will bring a sheet every week with the subjects they are learning at the time and the dental office will work with the student to allow them the hands on practice.

WHY?! Because we must change with the times. The majority of dental offices are short staffed. Our new program gets the student in the dental office sooner, allows the office to train the student how they want procedures done, allows the office to see if they would like to hire the student permanently.

Our new hybrid program allows us to teach students all over Texas. If you are a dental office in Texas and would like to participate by allowing students to get experience fill out our form below.


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