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Start Your Own Dental Assisting School

Dental Assistant
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REVIEW: Paris Dental Academy recently received our TWC certificate for career schools and colleges.  Karen with RDH Training Academy provided a sample roadmap and guided us through the process.  Karen is a good communicator and an excellent dental school certification professional because she has a broad understanding of the process and state requirements.  She is the reason we were able to accomplish the goal of establishing a dental assistant school. We highly recommend her if you are embarking on starting a Dental Assistant School. Paris Dental Academy, Texas

REVIEW: Karen was great and answered all my questions and provided help throughout the onboarding process. Monica N. (RDH)

Review: Karen Graves, RDA has been very helpful in launching South Texas Academy of Dental Assisting, LLC.

She has provided us with necessary tools and knowledge to start it up from the get go! Haley Dental

Starting your own Dental Assisting School doesn't have to be expensive and complicated. We have taken our Dental Assisting school curriculum and put it into an easy method for instructors to follow. This is the same program we use at our Dental Assisting School in Austin, Texas.

If you are a Dental Assistant, Dental Hygienist or Dentist you can teach Dental Assisting but anyone can own a Dental Assisting School. 

Our Dental Assisting program is 12 weeks long, meeting once a week (usually Saturdays) from 8:00 to 5:00. 3 to 4 hours of lecture in the morning using the powerpoints as a guide. Students go to lunch  from 12:00 to 1:00. The afternoon , from 1:00 to 5:00 is hands on training doing what they just learned in the lecture. The Dental Assisting class covers 2 to 3 chapters a week. We found the learning style of reading the chapters, hearing the lecture and then doing hands on is an excellent way for students grasp completely new material.

Our price for the Dental Assisting School Curriculum is much less than other programs and we have an excellent success rate with graduating students. Your first 4 students will pay for the school curriculum. Pay over time available with Stripe at checkout. This is not a franchise, no royality fees, only a one time payment. Open as many schools as you want after one purchase. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the employment trend for Dental Assisting is predicted to grow even faster  than all other occupations through 2023 and beyond. Dental Assisting is currently the 3rd fastest growing occupation in the United States that doesn’t require a college degree.

By your second year teaching you can be earning over $200,000 a year extra income from your Dental Assisting School by offering classes when your office is closed. ($200,000 based on 50 students a year at $4000 tuition). Your first 4 students will pay for your investment.

You will also have access to Dental Assistants when you need them and your employed Dental Assistants can teach, thereby giving them extra income.

We are not a franchise. Purchase our curriculum and open as many locations as you like with no other fees from us. Use your own school name.

We offer the best price available for Dental Assisting School Curriculums.

Whats Included?

Laptop computer with lecture ready PowerPoints

Printable and in word format so can be edited:

Quizzes and Final Exam

12 Week teaching plan for instructors to follow

Power Points

Hand Outs



Attendance Record

Grade Record

Student Application

School Tour Form

Letters to other Dental offices to allow for internships

Internship forms for students

Recommended student text books

Everything you need to teach the lecture is included

If you have the location we have what you need to teach

Yes! I want to make more money from my dental office and offer Dental Assisting Classes in my office.

Fill out form below and Karen Sue will contact you asap or call or text at 512-699-9996

Instant Download Link. Choose with or without laptop.
Schools Opened After Purchasing our Curriculum in the Past Year.

Charlotte, North Carolina

Paris, Texas

Carrizo Springs, Texas


Chicago, Illinois

Villa Rica, Georgia

Irving, Texas


How Much is the Program? Sometimes the price of the curriculum changes due to increase in costs or sometimes we have sales. Please contact us for price.

Can I pay in payments? You are welcome to pay in payments, however we will not send the program until paid in full.

What if my school is not approved? Will you refund my money?

The only time a school would not be approved is if you do not supply the requested information to the approving state agency. We provide most of the requested documents needed for schools.

Do you complete the application process for me?

No, we do not. There are other programs that say they will do the application process for you and charge you double what we charge. But the truth is: the paperwork you fill out for the state agency is all about you. ie; your qualifications, your experience, your education etc. We can assist you in the process however.

How long will it take for the approval process before I can actually open my school?

Most states take between 3 to 4 months for the approval process, At that time you can start advertising.

Karen Sue will contact you in the next 24 hours!

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