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How to Start a Dental Assisting School

Join our 12 week Dental Assisting Class
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We provide what you need to start a Deental Assisting School. Our approach has distilled our renowned Dental Assisting school curriculum into an accessible framework tailored for instructors. This curriculum mirrors the very program that has propelled our Dental Assisting Schools in Austin, Texas, & Florida to heights of excellence.

Dentists, Dental Hygienists, alike have a unique opportunity to impart Dental Assisting expertise through our Dental Assisting curriculum. Yet, what sets our proposition apart is its accessibility to everyone, transcending professional backgrounds.

We offer a hands on 12 week program that convenes once a week, predominantly on Saturdays, from of 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. This schedule integrates 3 to 4 hours of morning lectures, aptly guided by enriching PowerPoint presentations. After lunch from 12:00 to 1:00 PM, the afternoon is seamlessly devoted to hands-on training—an immediate application of the insights gleaned from the lectures.

The school curriculum unfolds across 2 to 3 chapters weekly, harmonizing the pedagogical trifecta of reading, listening, and immersive practice, which our experience confirms to be an optimal approach for comprehension.

Beyond the educational finesse, our Dental Assisting school curriculum stands as a paragon of value. Offered at a considerably lower cost than comparable programs, it boasts an unparalleled track record of student success. Astoundingly, the initial enrollment of just 4 students covers the curriculum cost, paving the way for subsequent prosperity. Flexible payment options ensures affordability. This isn't a franchise; it's a singular investment, empowering you to establish multiple institutions under your own banner, replete with financial autonomy.

Astute market foresight, substantiated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), anticipates Dental Assisting to outpace nearly all vocations in growth well into 2024 and beyond. Remarkably, it claims the rank of the 3rd fastest-growing non-degree occupation in the United States.

Imagine the extraordinary prospect of generating an additional annual income exceeding $200,000 by your first year of teaching, achieved by hosting assisting classes during your office's off-hours. This promising projection, based on 50 students per annum at a $4,000 tuition rate, underscores how your investment is poised for early rewards.

Moreover, this venture extends its benefits in unanticipated ways. Not only will you have a reservoir of skilled Dental Assistants at your disposal, but also the potential for your employed Assistants to become educators, thereby augmenting their income.

Distinguished by its non-franchise model, our school curriculum purchase propels you into an entrepreneurial odyssey. Acquire the curriculum, and expand into numerous locations under your chosen identity, unburdened by additional fees. This isn't just a product; it's your springboard to fostering thriving educational centers.

So, what's encompassed within this transformative opportunity? A comprehensive arsenal, of meticulously prepared lecture PowerPoints, versatile and editable resources like quizzes and final exams, a 12-week instructor's guide, meticulously crafted PowerPoints, handouts, syllabi, catalogs, attendance records, grade logs, student applications, and even forms for internships—a holistic toolkit ensuring your success in your Dental Assisting School.

In essence, if you possess the vision, we supply the tools to manifest it. Elevate your dental practice, augment your revenue, and ignite the spark of education within your community. The first step? Declare your intent and engage with us. Fill out the form below,  Your journey to pioneering education starts now.

Whats Included in Our Dental Assisting School Curriculum

lecture ready PowerPoints

Printable and in word format so can be edited:

Quizzes and Final Exam

12 Week teaching plan for instructors to follow

Power Points

Hand Outs



Attendance Record

Grade Record

Student Application

School Tour Form

Letters to other Dental offices to allow for internships

Internship forms for students

Recommended student text books

Everything you need to teach the lecture is included and powerpoints and quizzes can be edited & updated as rules and laws change in your state.

If you have the location we have what you need to teach Dental Assisting classes. This is the same Dental Assisting school curriculum we use in our own schools.

Yes! I want to make more money from my dental office and offer Dental Assisting Classes in my office. Call for pricing.

Fill out form below and we will contact you within 24 hours. Our first contact is usually by email so please check your spam.

Dental Clinic
DDS Please note: if leaving your business phone or email you most likely will not receive info. Front desk blocks messages and our emails will go to your spam.

Thanks for submitting! We will contact you in the next 24 hours

REVIEW: Paris Dental Academy recently received our TWC certificate for career schools and colleges.  Karen with RDH Training Academy provided a sample roadmap and guided us through the process.  Karen is a good communicator and an excellent dental school certification professional because she has a broad understanding of the process and state requirements.  She is the reason we were able to accomplish the goal of establishing a dental assistant school. We highly recommend her if you are embarking on starting a Dental Assistant School. Paris Dental Academy, Texas

REVIEW: Karen was great and answered all my questions and provided help throughout the onboarding process. Monica N. (RDH)

Review: Karen Graves, RDA has been very helpful in launching South Texas Academy of Dental Assisting, LLC.

She has provided us with necessary tools and knowledge to start it up from the get go! Haley Dental

Schools Opened This Year After Purchasing our Curriculum.

Charlotte, North Carolina

Paris, Texas

Carrizo Springs, Texas


Chicago, Illinois

Villa Rica, Georgia

Irving, Texas

League City, Texas


How Much is the Program? 

Our price changes periodically due to price increases or sales.

Can I pay in payments? Yes, 50% Down and the balance paid over the following 2 months. Must be arranged and in writing before hand.

What if my school is not approved? Will you refund my money?

Our curriculum has been used all over the United States. We have never had a school not be approved. The only time a school would not be approved is if you do not supply the requested information to the approving state agency. We provide some of the requested documents needed for schools with the state agencies supplying the rest.

Do you complete the application process for me?

The paperwork you fill out for the state agency is all about you. ie; your qualifications, your experience, your education etc. So, you will need to fill out the forms. We can assist you in the process of your application.

How long will it take for the approval process before I can actually open my school?

Most states take between 3 to 4 months for the approval process, At that time you can start advertising.

Do you charge ongoing fees or is this a franchise? No & No. We are not a franchise. There are no additional fees you will need to pay to us. You can use your one time purchase to open as many schools or locations as you wish.

What text book do I use with this curriculum? "Essentials of Dental Assisting", by Doni Bird & Debbie Robinson edition 5 or 6.

Can I accept Federal Grants and loans?

We have the knowledge to allow you to accept grants for tuition. It is a process & each state is different.

How long will it take to get a return on my investment?

Usually the first class will pay for your investment. The average rate for student tuition is $4000 depending on the area. 4 students at $4000= $16,000 BOOM!

We take American Express
We take Master Card
We take Visa
We take Discover
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